Front Squat Gainz Keep Comin’

Sometimes I surprise myself. Today was one of those days.

Made it in for an 8:30 class at Crossfit Continuum with my lovely wife and a bunch of other like-minded folks… we had Ashley, Sam, Danielle, Maria, and Janet with us working under Coach Drea’s watchful gaze. 🙂 (She was managing a kiddo on one arm while she coached us – Sam’s little one – and Danielle’s little man was there too and passed about.) I guess what I’m saying is we had another great group of folks this morning, as is the norm.

(The 9:30 class led by Coach Bill included Caleb, Andrea, Joe, and a few other folks, so I’m sure they had a good time too.)

At any rate, we started with a 500m row and then did some warm-ups like Spider-man lunges, roll-to-candlesticks, and a few other things. And before long we were into the workout itself.

front-squat-300x280Today the name of the game was Front Squats…

  • 1×5@85%
  • 1×3@90%
  • 1×1@95%
  • 1×3@90%
  • 1×5@85%

We were supposed to base it on our one rep max, but since I managed to do my old one rep max (185#) three times last week, Drea suggested we push up a bit and see how high we can get with really good form. So how’d I do? Pretty good. 🙂

  • 5 @ 165#
  • 3 @ 175#
  • 1 @ 185#
  • 1 @ 195#
  • 1 @ 205#
  • 1 @ 215# (stopped there to leave some room for a new 1RM next week)
  • 3 @ 195# (new 3RM)
  • 5 @ 165#

20160112_092102I’d say that was pretty good. 30# over my old 1RM and I still felt like I had more in me. We’ll get to a body weight 1RM next week maybe. 🙂

After that we did some “Accessory Work” and did 3 rounds of:

  • 10 Hollow Body Rocks
  • 10 Good Mornings (used an empty barbell)
  • 10 Weighted Bridge Ups (I did one round weighted with an empty barbell and the other two just focused on mobility)

And then it was time to go home.

Meanwhile Ev did her old 1RM 3x at 125# and got 135# up twice, so she’s working on some “gainz” as well. 🙂

I have a long way to go before I’m lifting anything crazy, but I’m pleased as punch that I’m heading towards another body weight lift. But I’m not doing bad… My current PRs are:

  • Vector black web icon on white background. Eps10Deadlift 355#
  • Push press 195#
  • Back squat 275#
  • Front squat 215#
  • Clean 195#
  • Clean & jerk 175#
  • Overhead squat 135#
  • Snatch 145#
  • Bench press 220#

Overhead movements (wide grip) are still a challenge, but we’re getting there. A little at a time. 🙂

Have a great day folks – great work!!

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