More Front Squats and Hammies

So yesterday was a rest day. I visited our friend Caleb, the chiropractor, and he moved things around before taping me up with about a yard of Rock Tape. Knees. Shoulders. The “bubblegum and bailing wire” as my father puts it should hold me together for a few days.

Today started with a rash of meetings (work, what are you gonna do) but I knew I had to get in for a workout. My wife (and many other crossfit friends) made it in for the 8:30 and 9:30 classes this morning. I couldn’t fit that in, so noon class, here I come!

Arrived to see Coach Bill rowing a country mile and Coach Drea on the phone, so I changed into my shoes and started doing some couch stretching on the wall to loosen up a bit. By the time I was on my second leg, Coach Isaac came in and it turned out I was the lone participant in the noon class today.


Isaac had me start with a short row, then some Cossack squats, pigs-on-skates, squat-to-stand, high knees, and low-and-slow air squats before we got started on the front squats for the day.

  • 1×3@80%
  • 1×3@85%
  • 1×3@90%
  • 1×3@85%
  • 1×3@80%

My one rep max was still 185# set back in 2013, but Isaac suggested bumping it up a bit today. So we used 190# to base the numbers off of, which led to…

  • 80% = 155# (82%)
  • 85% = 165# (87%)
  • 90% = 175# (92%)

I banged out those three sets of three reps each pretty easily and both Bill and Isaac suggested I add a bit more, so I did:

  • 185# (97%)

And that felt pretty good. Especially since that was my old one rep max. Something tells me my one rep is going up. 🙂 So I worked my way back down to 165# and called it good.

pablo (3)Then we did the “accessory work” which included upright rows, leg raises, and weighted dips today. The first two were fine, but my knees (and hamstrings) were getting cranky so Isaac pointed me at a few stretches and foam roller movements to try to loosen things up. It’s quite obvious I need to do more mobility work (gasp) more often, so I’ll have to see what I can do…

If the class sounds pretty relaxed, it definitely was. Bill, Drea and Isaac all commented that the front squats looked good, so I’ll take that as good news. 🙂

Now I’m back to work and feeling everything tightening up. Yay team!

I think I’ll likely skip tomorrow and just do some mobility here at the house because Saturday will be a full day. We’ll start with some yoga and then my wife and I are doing an Olympic lifting class with Jared Enderton at a box not far from our house – should be fun.

Hope everybody has a great day! It’s almost Friday! YAY!

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