The Last Workout of 2015

Wow. 2015 was quite a year. Only fitting we end it with a heck of a workout, right?

After doing Karen yesterday, I had a fun night with friends and didn’t get home until midnight – which was followed by tossing and turning and not sleeping much. So when the alarm went off at 7, I was debating whether I was going to do much of anything, let alone go do the last workout of the year at Crossfit Continuum with my family.

Well, Coach Clare and the rest of the 8:30 crew convinced me to get off my butt and do the workout. But I was a zombie at the beginning.

Clare had a full class this morning… we had Connie, Larry, Caleb, Mike, Clara, Danielle, Ev, and myself. Looked like the 9:30 class was pretty good as well with Karen, Dan, Monica, Deana, Robert, and maybe a few other folks.

We started with a short row of 250m and then some things like med ball cleans, one-armed kettlebell thrusters, a 30 second hollow body hold on the rig, some Frankenstein marches, pigs on skates, and then it was time to get our stuff together.

What was the workout? Well, it was 31 reps each of 12 different movements followed by a row. Of course the row didn’t make it onto the website, but hey… who are we to judge? πŸ™‚

  • 31 – Push Press 75/55
  • 31 – Pull-ups
  • 31 – Snatch 75/55
  • 31 – Sit-ups
  • 31 – Toes 2 Bar
  • 31 – Push-ups
  • 31 – Box Jumps 24/20
  • 31 – Back Squats 75/55
  • 31 – Unbroken Double unders (or 365 singles)
  • 31 – Thrusters 75/55
  • 31 – Lunges
  • 31 – Burpees
  • 2015m row

We gathered our equipment… boxes and ropes for jumping, ab mats for sit-ups, yoga mats for some of our knees, etc. And we set off with a 32 minute or so limit so we didn’t run into the 9:30 class time.

Funny enough it was the pull-ups that gave me the most grief initially. Toes to bar became knees to elbows. When I tried a 20# box jump I nearly took myself out on the box, so I ended up doing step-ups. I did about 10 regular push-ups and the rest from my knees. And I can’t do a double-under so I did singles, but my knees were not up for jumping. I’d do 40 or 50 in a row and have to stop.

Long story short, I was a mess. I blame Karen yesterday. But I kept going. πŸ™‚

In the time cap, I made it to about 120 single jumps before I ran out of time. A handful of folks made it to the row, but I don’t think anybody finished the row in the time we had. It would have taken me about 8-10 minutes to get through the 2015 meter row I think, but maybe longer because my knees are angry.

But we did the workout. There is no more to do this year but celebrate the end and move on. πŸ™‚ Great work everybody!

Hope everybody has a wonderful and safe New Years’ Eve!!


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