Thrust That Weight!

Yesterday I couldn’t string 10 pull-ups together. But today was a different experience. Amazing what a difference a day makes!

Made it to the 8:30 class with the whole Fitzy crew (though Mickey sat this one out since she’s playing 3 different indoor soccer games today). We were joined by Ashley and KC and led by Coach Stacy. (The 9:30 class had Larry, Karen, Dan, Andrea, and another gal with Coach Bill, so I’m sure they had fun too!)

We started with a 1,000m row and then did fun things like Sotz Press with a PVC pipe, squat-to-stand, roll-to-candlestick (my least favorite warm-up), tripod (crow position) to a high plank, and a few other things. That was all to warm us up for a series of thrusters today.

It was seven sets of three reps, trying to get the three reps strung together with no break. We were supposed to shoot for a heavy 3 rep max at the top.

Mickey took this picture of me during the workout

It’s been a while since we last did heavy thrusters. I have down a 165# one rep max from May and Ev did 90#, but nothing for the girls.

(Corrected) AJ made it to 40#. Ev made it to 95# (did three single thrusters at 90#, not continuous), one at 95#, and attempted 100# but didn’t quite get there. But that was awesome since she now has a new one rep max!

20151229_092722I did a series that looked like this:

  • 95# x3
  • 115# x3
  • 125# x3
  • 135# x3
  • 145# x3
  • 155# x3
  • 165# x3 (old 1RM, now new 3RM)
  • 170# x1 (1RM)

I probably could have gone further but we were running out of time and I didn’t want to hurt myself ahead of doing Karen (150 wall balls for time) again tomorrow (not looking forward to that BTW).

I don’t feel too bad right now and will continue to do some mobility before attempting tomorrow’s insanity. But I’m very pleased with the results of today’s strength work. I got further than I expected. 🙂

After that we did some elevated pigeon stretch on a box, so that was good too.

I hope everybody has a great day. Thanks Stacy for keeping us all moving and grooving and great work everyone!!

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