Love, Loss, and Too Many Squats

Today was workout #3 for the week and my body is starting to make me wonder what the heck I’m doing to it. One more day and then a break, I promise!

The day began with a 5:30am wake-up alarm on my phone so I could get Evie up to head to a 6am workout with Mickey at Crossfit Continuum. Even on my vacation, nobody wants to see me at 6am, I promise. And they survived with flying colors, completing the WOD in about 20 minutes each.

AJ and I made it in for a 9:30 class and Mickey tagged along. Evie had to go work today or would have come to cheer and prod us on as well. 🙂


We were joined by Connie, Emily, Deana, Sam, and Andrea – and we had Coach Stacy pushing us onward to deeper squats and more level Good Mornings…

We started with a short row before numerous Cossack squats, deep squats, knee hugs, and other assorted movements to help open up our knees and hips a little bit before the abuse to come.

Today’s workout was for time…

  • 150 squats
  • 75 hip extensions
  • 120 squats
  • 60 hip extensions
  • 90 squats
  • 45 hip extensions

20151223_102957If you’re counting, that’s 360 air squats and 180 hip extensions (on the GHD machine or one of a few varieties of Good Mornings). 540 reps in all. Um. Yay?

  • Evie finished this morning in 21:38.
  • Mickey finished in 20:08.
  • AJ finished in 21:07.
  • And I finished in 32:38.

You might notice a bit of a disparity there in those times. Funny enough it wasn’t the squats that were the deadly part for me, it was the Good Mornings…

I did my first set with a 45# bar at Stacy’s urging and within the first 10 I felt something pop in my knee. It got angry after that. I shifted to banded Good Mornings (green band) and eventually to a PVC pipe, but it took forever.

The good thing is that I’m still moving. And with a little “Vitamin I” (Ibuprofen) am continuing to do so. But boy that was a challenge.

Thanks for pushing me Stacy and great work to everybody in the class (and during the day today) who did the workout. It was a killer even without weight!

Light and Love

Today was tough for many reasons, but I want to send light and love to some friends of ours facing the 2nd anniversary of a tragic event. These folks are some of the nicest we know and continue to be amazing despite their loss three years ago. Kiana will never be forgotten. And though there will be tears today, I know she is beaming love back to their whole family.  Though I’m not with them physically tonight for their balloon release, I am sending them much love.

Crowds are tough for me under the best of circumstances, but I find that I’m particularly vulnerable to the emotions in a large group. Though I am there in spirit, I’m not sure I’d be able to handle the event in person. So I apologize to the family for not being there. But I know they’ll understand.

The loss of a child is impossible to imagine. When my best friend died unexpectedly in 2000, I was unable to function for a while. The smallest things reminded me of our time together and it was agony. Even today I still think of him regularly.

I can only think that losing a child is like that but magnified a million times. Even so, I am sure that Kiana’s light has been added to the heavens so we may always find our way home. And I hope there is some small comfort in that.

maxresdefault (1)

We will never forget Kiana and we will always be there for Monica, Dan, Kaila, Ava, and their family. For they are more of the many wonderful folks in our extended family at Crossfit Continuum and beyond.

Give your loved ones a hug tonight. Listen. Every breath and heartbeat is a gift. Cherish them in good times and bad.



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