A Bit of Diane in My Day

What is it about all the named workouts of late? Fran, Karen, Linda… now Diane?

For the third workout of the week, I was pleased that I could slip into Crossfit Continuum for an 8:30 class with my wife, our friend Danielle, and the rest of the folks. The holidays are upon us and one of my standing meetings has been canceled for a few weeks so I could get back to working out with my wife!

All together for Coach Drea’s 8:30 class it was me, Ev, Danielle, Jonathan & Sarah, Todd & Melissa. We had a fun group (it’s always fun, so I don’t know why I always say that!)! 🙂

20151217_094326Started with a 500m row and then did an assortment of things such as handstand holds, half handstand push-ups, a reverse grip hold on the rig, bridge-ups, one-legged deadlifts, and so on. That was before we worked on our deadlift skills, focusing on correcting our form a bit. Same with handstand push-ups.

So what is Diane? It’s 21-15-9 reps for time of…

  • 225/155-lb. deadlifts
  • Handstand push-ups

Amazingly I could do both of these movements. I didn’t even have to scale (much). Rx all the way! Now I won’t say that my HSPUs (down to a 45# plate and one abmat) were fantastic towards the end (my last 3 were awful). Nor can I say that I did touch-and-go with all 45 of the 225# deadlifts (I did touch-and-go for the first 31 and then just started picking up the bar and dropping it).

20151217_094319Apparently we were supposed to shoot for a 5 minute time. When I hear that from a coach, I automatically double it. Someone at our box may have a sub-5 minute time. She suggested that most of us shoot for 8-10 minutes.

So how’d we do?

Not too shabby actually!

I managed a 9:56 time. I’ll take sub 10!

Ev flew with her mods. She did the prescribed weight for deadlifts and did push-ups off a 24″ box and managed a super speedy time of 5:21. I think when she figures out how to kick up to the wall consistently she’s going to kick even more butt. 🙂

Danielle scaled a bit (125# deadlifts) and kicked up to the wall – so she did awesome with a 6:26 time. Everybody else ranged from 7 to 10 minutes as well – so we all kicked butt!

Great work everybody! Plus we got to give Coach Bill a little grief when we were done, so that was fun. 🙂

Hope everybody has a great day! I’m ready for the holidays to be here so I can get more crossfit into my week!


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