More Tabata!

“My name is Brian and it’s been three days since my last workout…” 🙂 Do we need a Crossfitters Anonymous or is that more like going to confession? Either way, my weekend was nuts and I haven’t touched anything heavy (except for moving a king-sized bed downstairs and into a truck) since Thursday.

This weekend was the Naughty or Nice WOD around here. I didn’t make it to Crossfit Continuum for it on Saturday (too many things going on) and didn’t go with my wife and daughters (and our friend Marilee) to Progressive Fitness Crossfit on Sunday because I needed a bit of a break from people. I heard that both places were hopping and the girls met some very nice folks at Progressive. 🙂

I also had a few beers on Saturday (spread over many hours of playing Fallout 4) and ate too much food all weekend, so I knew I needed to get back to the box today. So I did!

Though the 8:30 class looked pretty full with Lori, Todd, Sam, and a few other folks, I made it in for the 9:30 class with Andrea and Coach Drea. It was another four tabata day like last week. But unlike last week, we just repeated two movements.

20151214_104547We started with a 500m row and then did some stretches such as iron cross on the floor, marching bridges, knee hugs, Spider-man lunges, Frankenstein, etc. And that was just so we could move a bit for our tabata.

The workout was for our total number of reps with:

  • Tabata Squat
  • Tabata Deadlift #155/105
  • Tabata Squat
  • Tabata Deadlift #155/105

As you might recall, the tabata is 4 minutes of work where you do 20 seconds of reps and 10 seconds of rest, repeating 8 times. And this quad-bata is four of those strung together for a 16 minute workout.

20151214_102025I was not looking forward to it, but honestly it should have been ok. I did great in the first 4 minutes of air squats, but as soon as I hit the deadlifts everything went downhill quickly.

  • Squats – 105
  • Deadlifts – 32
  • Squats – 63
  • Deadlifts – 23
  • Total = 223

I’m ok with that. What’s funny is that Andrea got the exact same rep count. We were not in sync at all and she did great. We were both even Rx for the workout, which was cool.

20151214_104543What blows me away is that some folks in earlier classes were in the 300s and nearly hit 400. Crazy!

But we finished up and did a bit of stretching. I didn’t tape my knees today, instead choosing to use my knee sleeves to see if that helped. Quite honestly, it did not and I should have taped them both again. They’re both complaining. 🙂

We’ll survive however. Life is good!

Something else…

Thought I’d mention one other thing. Last Thursday, one of our coaches – Bill – recommended that I go take an Olympic lifting seminar being put on by Jared Enderton of Enderton Strength in January. It’s not a bad price for a 5 hour seminar and literally just around the corner from our house (less than a mile) – so it should be an interesting experience.

LOGO-280x230As someone who never really considered himself an athlete, the fact that I’m signed up for such a thing seems impossible to me. But I’m still having fun with crossfit, seeing solid gains year after year, and happy with my results. Might as well continue the trend and do something else to keep the trend moving. 🙂

I really have no clue what to expect, but amazingly my wife has the day off and wants to go so I’ve signed her up too. We’ll represent Team Fitzy and see if we can improve some of our lifting techniques!

That’s all from here, so I hope everybody has a fantastic day!


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