Snatch the Bar from the Floor…

Yesterday was a nice rest day after Linda on Tuesday, but I was able to get back into Crossfit Continuum this morning after a meeting. My wife made it at 8:30 and I got there for a 9:30 class. The 8:30 class was still finishing up as I arrived, so I just hung out for a bit. Ev, Danielle, Ashley, Andrew, KC, Caleb, and Todd were chugging away.

When he was done with the day’s WOD, Caleb needed a counter for Karen (150 wall balls for time), so I helped with that. He smoked it, completing all 150 reps in 6:16. Crazy fast. I think he blew through the first 75 without stopping! Great work!

After that, I pretty much had one on one coaching with Drea (and Bill helped when he arrived later). It was interesting because today we were focused on the Olympic Snatch movement. Essentially for a normal snatch, you take the bar from the floor, pull it up along your body, and thrust it over your head as you squat beneath it.


I started with a 400m run, then some pigs-on-skates, bridge-ups, snatch balance with a pvc pipe, and pvc pipe pass-thrus before warming up on the snatch movement itself.

It’s not one of my favorites over the last couple of years, but I’ve improved a bit. Today however we worked on a bit different approach. Usually you try and screw your heels into the floor, putting all your weight on the back of the foot. Now we’re shifting to distributing the weight across the whole foot (toes, ball, heel) to engage more muscles on the way up.

It was very interesting. We started at the rig with a banded pvc pipe to work on holding the bar closer to the body on the way up.

And then it was just lots of reps. I’d do it once, Drea would ask for a minor correction here or there, and we talked our way through the next 30 minutes. When Bill got there he pointed out a few things with my shoulders as well, which was fun. Apparently I have more flexibility than I thought and I’m overcorrecting overhead.

Lastly I did a few overhead squats. Too slow at first, but I got a bit faster with time. And then it was time to go home…

Not a lot of weight today. I just had 75# on the bar. Today was pretty relaxed and I was still sweaty when I was done, so I guess it’s a good thing. 🙂 We’ll see what I remember the next time we work on this movement.

Thanks Drea & Bill for all the good suggestions!


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