A workout new to me… Linda

It’s Tuesday, so it must have been time to get in for another workout at Crossfit Continuum. Today I met another one of the “named” workouts in crossfit… Linda.

Though I watched the 8:30 class finish up (lots of people moving heavy objects – Jonathan, Sarah, Maria, Lyle, Mike, Larry, Todd, Sam, and I’m sure I missed someone). It did not look like fun. And it turned out I was all alone at 9:30!

I started with a 1000m row and then started getting my stuff together… Larry stuck around for a while and I had a nice chat with Drea. And Logan and Drea were starting their workout when I was leaving…

20151208_105157But how was the workout itself?

Linda is a workout where you do 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time of:

  • 1 1/2 body-weight deadlift
  • Body-weight bench press
  • 3/4 body-weight clean

For me, those weights these days would be 345# (my 1RM is 355#), 235# (my 1RM is 220#), and 175# (my 1RM is 195#). I decided to use my head vs. being insane and went with more reasonable weights for the number of reps we were talking about…

  • Deadlift – 275#
  • Bench press – 165#
  • Clean – 155#

And I got through the whole thing in about 55 minutes. Ironic since it was 55 reps for each movement, averaging out to about 1 deadlift, 1 bench press, and one clean every minute. All 165 reps took a while.

20151208_090320We did Fran and Karen last week. Now Linda. Who’s next?

Just looking at the rep count, in the last two days I’ve done nearly 400 reps of various movements (228 yesterday and another 165 today = 393). Yesterday was a lot quicker, but I wasn’t moving heavy bars. 🙂

Thanks Drea for hanging out with me for the long workout – sorry I was so slow. But I did eventually get ‘er done. And thanks Larry for sticking around for a while too!

Tried something new at the suggestion of our chiropractor friend (and fellow crossfit athlete) Caleb. A variation on the usual taping we’ve done on my knees in the past. This one is meant to help with the irritated fat pad that’s just below the kneecap on my right knee. And it did help! I just wish I had taped the other knee too because it was complaining about halfway through the workout. 🙂

Hope everybody has a great day!

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