Tabata This… Tabata That…

Tabata is a 6 letter word for “hellish workout,” but also so much more. (Breaking Muscle’s Flavia Del Monte wrote a great article about the Tabata revolution if you’re interested.)

Today we did four of them. Back to back. Yahoo?

Anyway… I made it to a 9:30 workout today with Coach Bill along with Joe and Andrea. The 8:30 class was just cleaning up when I got there and they didn’t mince words. I fully expected to be mostly dead by the end of the class (and I was close).

We started with a 400m run (*gasp* I actually did run) and then some work with a PVC pipe (Sotz press and Sumo Deadlift High Pulls), leg lifts, half handstand push-ups, shoulder wring-outs, and my favorite – roll-to-candlestick. (I’m getting closer to getting up on crossed feet, so maybe someday I’ll be able to get up off the floor.)

Then we grabbed our equipment for the day… a loaded bar (75/55#) and an ab mat.

20151207_102719If you don’t know what a Tabata is… it’s a series of 8 intervals where each interval is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. So 4 minutes of fun. Usually you count the lowest number of reps you get for each series and that’s the “score” – but today we were using the tabata almost as an AMRAP and adding all the reps together at the end.

The four different Tabata series today were:

  • push press (75/55#)
  • sit-ups
  • sumo deadlift high pulls (75/55#)
  • push-ups

20151207_102712My goal was to get through at least 50 reps of each movement, so shooting for 200 total in the workout. I managed almost 70 push-press and 65 sit-ups before things started slowing down. I even did my push-ups on my knees to save my already angry knees and hips from more damage and slowed down further…

My total? 228. Not too bad. Folks seemed to be varying from just below 200 to a little more than 300, so I was right in the middle. I’ll take it. πŸ™‚

Joe got 236 and Andrea hit 218, so we were all pretty close with Bill counting us in.

Lastly we did a mobility Tabata for shoulder mobility. It was interesting. πŸ™‚ I won’t say I was doing it well, but it definitely stretched… something. And my shoulders were unhappy, so they might have been the target. πŸ™‚

Now we’re done and I’m back to work. Yay team. I ought to be able to feel my abs after 65 sit-ups in 4 minutes any time now!

Great work today folks!


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