Karen is a Five-Letter Word

I’m going to preface today’s post with this…

Anyone who thinks that doing Fran and Karen in the same week is a good idea should probably have their head examined. 🙂

We did Fran on Monday, then a funky back squat strength routine yesterday, and now Karen today. My body is going to file for a cease and desist order if I keep this up.

20151202_102952Thankfully I wasn’t alone. We had Coach Bill leading our merry band and the 9:30 class included: Lyle, Elyse, Lori, and Danielle. We started with a short 250m row, then moved to a 30 second handstand hold, wall ball shots, front squats with a med ball, ankle rolls, knee hugs, pigs-on-skates, and a few grasshoppers. That was just to get us moving a bit before the main event.

Karen, if you don’t know, is one of the named “ladies” of Crossfit. It involves doing 150 wall balls for time with a 20# or 14# med ball. A wall ball is essentially a front squat where you push your med ball to a 8′ or 10′ target on the wall at the top. Now imagine 150 of them!

20151202_102950Honestly I did ok for the first 80 or 90 wall balls and then started slowing down. My quads were burning and it only got worse. The first 100 wall balls were done in about 10 minutes. The last 50 took more than 6 minutes.

I finished in 16:21.

We had other folks who finished in around 8 minutes. They were flying. I wanted to stop at 10 minutes. I don’t like pain. This was muscle agony in my quads. I felt like I was going to fall over.

I did appreciate all the encouragement. As the last man standing, I was cheered on by the rest of the class. And I did get some nice comments about the fact that my mobility has improved from Bill. I was getting a full squat at the bottom and full extension at the top.

So that was nice at least. I just don’t want to do it again. 🙂

Other folks this morning finished in 7-8 minutes, which is crazy. I don’t know how they did that.

So here’s the only bad thing about Karen today. We have to do it again later in the month… A ‘retest’ to see if we improved any.

At this point, I think “Karen” can take a flying leap. 🙂

Great work folks! And thank you for all the encouragement!


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