Snowy Team WODs

Though I didn’t make it to the workouts on Wednesday (150 wall balls after doing wall balls on Tuesday wasn’t in the cards for my knees) or Thursday (weather and worry about my family doing a 5k in slick conditions), I knew I had to make it in for a Saturday workout. (The box was closed on Friday.)

Thankfully the whole Fitzy clan was able to make it this morning. Coach Stacy was there to get us going and we had a small, hearty crew who showed up to partake… Elyse, Emily B, Todd and a friend, Margaret, Elizabeth, Stacy, Kelly, and Bill all worked out with us.

We had some time when we got there, so it was time for some couch stretch and pigeon stretch, in addition to some dead hangs to try and loosen up backs, shoulders, and the rest.

20151128_110037Then we did Stacy’s “PVC pipe” warm-up like we did last Saturday (“Snatch the PVC Pipe from my Hand” details it nicely) before dividing up into teams of 4 (or 5) for the day’s fun. We had a lot of fun, even with the 2 burpee penalty when the pipes fell, so it was a good warm-up again! 🙂

Bill got there a bit late, so we conscripted him today as an honorary Fitzy. 🙂 Though we were in groups of 4 or 5, the movements were split up a bit.

The first part we broke into “guys” and “gals” and did:

  • 20 pull-ups (split-up, one partner does pull-ups while the other holds a 225/135# deadlift)
  • 60 wall balls (20/14#) (split-up, one partner does wall-balls while the other hangs from the bar)
  • 60 toes-to-bar (split-up)
  • 60 box jumps (24/20″) (split-up)
  • 60 toes-to-bar (split-up)
  • 60 goblet squats (split-up)
  • 4 rope climbs (pretty much each team member does one)

And then at the end, everybody hops on the rower for the “cash out”:

  • 4,000m row (split-up)
  • 40 pistols (split-up)


I worked with Bill while Ev and the girls worked together. And I modified a few things…

  • toes-to-bar quickly became knees-to-elbows)
  • 20″ box jumps
  • rope climbs were from lying on the floor to standing and back down again
  • pistols were to a 20″ box
  • and we did a 5,000m row since there were 5 of us

All in all, not too bad. My grip was giving up early on… who knew hanging from the bar for a few seconds would be that difficult! 🙂 Rough in spots, but fun as a team event. 🙂 Thanks Bill for being an honorary Fitzy!

Now the girls are off doing their thing today and I have a quiet house for a few hours. Might be time for a nap!

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