PRs and Box Jumps

Yesterday involved box jumps and handstand push-ups. What would today’s workout have in store for us? Well, it’s Tuesday and lately that means deadlifts and bench press. 🙂

My lovely wife went to the 6am class and started things off with a couple of PRs… 265# for deadlifts and 100# for bench press. She did awesome and warned us that we weren’t going to like the workout after the PRs. She was right. 🙂

As I’m still enjoying my vacation with the kids, I went with the girls to the 9:30am class with Coach Isaac. Ashley and Todd were finishing up when we got there. We were joined by a fun crew of folks… Maria, Sam, Connie, Mike, and Chad. Isaac had his hands full. 🙂

We started with a short row or run (250m/200m) and some easy stretches… Spider-man lunges, knee hugs, squat-to-stand (like the Gorilla yoga pose but you start there and then stand up to stretch your hamstrings) and a few other things.


DLgripwidthWhen that was all done, we split out to do our deadlifts first. I worked through this progression:

  • 225#
  • 275#
  • 295#
  • 315#
  • 335# (old 1RM)
  • 345# (new PR)
  • 365# (couldn’t get all the way up)
  • 355# (new PR)

So I ended up with a 20# PR and hit 355#. I’ll take it. I even used the switch grip today and that made a big difference.

My goal next year is to hit 400#, so we’ll see how long it takes to get me there.

Bench Press

20151124_110048(0)I worked with Chad and Mike and we alternated spotting each other as we worked through the progression… I got through…

  • 135#
  • 185#
  • 205# (old 1RM)
  • 215# (new PR)
  • 225# (fail)
  • 220# (new PR)

So that’s a 15# increase in my PR, hitting 220#.

Not too shabby! I’m still shooting for a body weight bench press (we won’t talk about my fluctuating body weight this month, because it’s a moving target that’s moving UP 😦 ), but we’ll see how long it takes to get there. I’m closer!


It was 4 rounds for time…

  • 21 box jumps (24/20#)
  • 18 wall balls (20/14#)
  • 15 kettlebell swings (53/35#)
  • 12 burpees

Fortunately, we managed to be mostly out of time by the point that we got here. So Isaac was nice and said we should shoot for 3 rounds but get in a minimum of 2 before we were done.

box1I did 20″ box jumps, used a 20# med ball, and a 55# kettlebell. Did I scale? Hell yes. 24″ jumps still scare me, but after two days of doing them I think I’m going to have to reconsider.

I did two rounds and between the box jumps and wall balls, I was fried. My left hip was mad. My right ankle was mad. I almost biffed hard on the first set of box jumps, but got through it. And I got through the second set somehow… But man was I happy to be done.

Other folks managed to get through 3 and 4 rounds, which was awesome. 🙂

The Girls

So I’m constantly amazed by how my daughters do at crossfit. They are both amazing athletes on the soccer field and that competitive nature translates beautifully into the box.

20151124_110053Mickey is 14, almost 15, and a force to be reckoned with on the field. I’ve watched larger girls bump into her and fall over, so I know she’s solid in the muscle department.

Today she managed to get a 75# bench press and a 170# deadlift, plus she got through 3 rounds of the post-PR workout in 16:32. She’s kicking butt.

And then there’s AJ, who is 10 going on 11. She is our little goalie (and has been playing up a year with older kids because of her ability for the last few years) and scares opposing offenses. 🙂

She managed today to do a 55# bench press (her first time ever doing bench press) and deadlifted 145#.

Both girls upped their PRs.

So I’d say the whole family had a good day at crossfit. 🙂

Have to offer a big thanks to Chad, Mike, and Isaac for all the encouragement today. It was a fun day, even if the third part of the day knocked me on my butt. 🙂

Apparently they were a little tired too because after lunch they both wanted to snuggle with the big dog on the couch…

Hope everybody has a great day!!



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