Snatch the PVC pipe from my hand…

Morning folks! Well, it is for a few more minutes anyway. Hopefully you’re having a good Saturday.

Today began my one week vacation away from work. Though we’re not going anywhere over the Thanksgiving break, I’m looking forward to sleeping in and catching up on some R&R – which of course means CROSSFIT!

Though Ev had to work today (she gets to join us next week – huzzah!), I took the girls into Crossfit Continuum for a Saturday team WOD. (We were almost late because I was playing a bit of Fallout 4 on the computer today, but we’ll let that slide… 🙂 )

The Warmup

We got there a couple of minutes late, but made it in time to do one of the most fun warm-ups we’ve done at a team WOD… Everybody was in a circle with a PVC pipe. You held the pipe in one hand and set it on the floor. When Coach Stacy hollered “right” or “left”, you let your pipe go and dive for the one left by the person in the spot you’re diving into. If you catch it, all is well. If you drop it, everybody gets to drop and do two burpees.

Kung Fu

It was hilarious to watch as we got the hang of diving left and right, leaving the pipe hanging in midair for a moment as we fought to grab it. I think we did make it through two or three rounds without dropping it, but we had many more where we dropped the darn thing. 🙂

(It very much reminded me of “Snatch the pebble from my hand” with the old Kung Fu series starring David Carradine.)

It was a great turnout today… We easily had 20+ folks there, including the three of us.

So Coach Stacy warmed us up and then we all turned to see what madness Coach Clare had cooked up for us… 🙂


We divided into groups of 4 or 5 people and tackled the WOD in two parts…

20151121_110957First, each member had to complete:

  • 100 double-unders (or singles)
  • 800m run (was going to be a calorie row, but we had too many folks)
  • 50 dumbell step-ups (or just step-ups)
  • All of this while two people held a partner deadlift of 350# (Rx) or 270# (scaled)
  • When the first group doing the jump-rope, run, and step-ups completed, you switched so everybody could complete the round.

Then, we had either…


  • 42-30-18
  • Muscle-ups while two team members did a static deadlift hold (350#)
  • And partner deadlifts


  • 80-60-40
  • hand-release push-ups while two team members did a static deadlift hold (270#)
  • And partner deadlifts

What it boiled down to was a killer WOD for grip strength because of all the deadlift holds.

How did we do?

I worked with the other four guys who were there – Brent, Daniel, Kurt, and Jared. We did the Rx weights. Though I can’t do double-unders or muscle-ups, I did a lot of static deadlift holds, single-unders, and partner deadlifts. I did scale the dumbell step-ups to go to a 20″ box and held two 35# kettle-bells, but that was the only other scaling I did.

And I’m happy to say that I did what was asked of me. I ran 800m (ran most of it anyway). Held 350# with a partner for a long time. And everything else.

It was good!

Meanwhile Mickey and AJ worked with Kaila and Emily and they started with 195# on the bar, but dropped to 125#. And they used lighter dumbells, but used the hand-release push-up version of the workout and did awesome.

We weren’t the first or last done, but we finished. I’ll take it. 🙂

Honestly I felt pretty good about my participation today. I would have taken off my shirt (we were all sweating pretty good), but my “keg” around the middle would not have matched up well with Daniel’s 8-pack abs. 🙂

Big thanks to the guys for putting up with my slow butt on the run, but I’m happy with the day.

And now… back to Fallout 4! 🙂


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