Thursday De-load

As the 5th workout in 6 days, I was very happy that today was a “de-loading” WOD.

Made it in for a Noon WOD with Coach Drea, Marino, Shaun, and a nice couple with a cute little boy that Drea held the whole time. It was pretty low key. We started with an 800m run or 1,000m row and then dove right into more deadlifts and bench press…

  • Deadlift – 55-60%, 4 sets of 10 – I used 205# for the first set and moved up to 225# for the last 3, which was about 67% of 335
  • Bench press – 55-60%, 4 sets of 10 at 115#, which was 56%. I got through 37 of the 40 reps before my right shoulder complained loudly enough I really didn’t want to push further

Then we did some strange mid-line work… supposedly 4 sets, though I only got through about two and a half before I ran out of time…

  • 10 reverse kick ups (sort of like a mermaid tail) on the GDV machine
  • 5 stone to shoulder (I played with the 70# and 115# stones)
  • 15 barbell bench press (I used the 35# barbells)
  • 10 of something else (another barbell movement)

I took pictures today (as I always do), but in my haste I took pictures of the wrong day. Go figure. ๐Ÿ™‚

Update: A few words about the stone to shoulder movement. Today is the first time I’ve ever attempted it and I have to say it’s an awkward thing. ๐Ÿ™‚ Kind of fun, but like trying to pick up a bowling ball without holes as a kid. Not sure I’m ready to do it again soon, but it wasn’t awful!

Anyway… That’s it for me for crossfit this week. We’ll do some yoga over the weekend and then head back to the box as time allows next week. Probably Tuesday.

Hope everybody has a great rest of your day! Thanks Drea!


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