Snatch the Monday from my hand…

Let’s see how the last few days have gone crossfit-wise…

20151107_105759(0)We all made it to Crossfit Continuum for the Saturday Team WOD with Coach Clare on Saturday morning. Teams of 3 or 4 – Barbellpalooza. 4 rounds for time (RX – Competitors was 115/85#, RX was 95/65#, and Scaled was 75/55#):

  • 40 OHS
  • 40 Hanging power cleans
  • 40 shoulder to overhead
  • 40 back squats
  • 40 deadlifts
  • 40 bar-facing burpees

I worked with Brent & Jamal, who both kicked butt. I did ok. And we ended up calling it after 3 rounds in about 35 minutes or so.

Then we went back to take care of our Fran time for the beginning of the second month of In the Zone… Three of us did it (AJ still has hers to go)… Fran is  21-15-9, thrusters 95/65# and pull-ups. Our times:

  • Mickey – 35# bar for thrusters & burpees instead of pull-ups – 7:55
  • Evelyn – 65# bar for thrusters & burpees instead of pull-ups – 10:35
  • Me – Rx and slow as molasses – 16:56 (my last 3 pull-ups must have taken 3 minutes to complete – no joke)

But it’s done for at least another few weeks.

20151109_125604And today I was wondering if I was going to be able to move. Apparently I was, so I did the day’s workout at Noon with Coach Drea.

Worked out with Marino, Marianne, and Matt while Logan finished up his workout…

It was a 12 minute AMRAP with 135/105# on the bar:

  • 3 snatches
  • 6 clean and jerks
  • 9 chest-to-bar pull-ups
  • 54 double-unders

I scaled it to 95/65#, did regular pull-ups, and single unders.

Got through 3 rounds + 3 reps in the 12 minute cap at the scaled weight and movements. So not too bad.

That’s three workouts in a row. And I’m going back tomorrow and Thursday this week. Am I crazy?


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