Thursday – More Bench Time

This has been a rough week and I have to say the “roughness” is split equally between work and my own behavior, so I guess I earned a crappy week somehow. But I made it into the box today for the second time this week, so that’s something.

When I arrived I watched four of our coaches finishing up a workout that looked brutal… Zac, Isaac, Jimmy, and Drea were all working hard, so I just sat and watched while I did a little stretching. And the rest of the class came in a few minutes later… Marino, Shaun, Matt, and Ernie.


We started with a 800m run or 1000m row, then got right to work on the day’s work…

  • Deadlift – 1×3@80%, 1×3@85%, 1×3@90%, 1×3@85%, 1×3@80%
  • Bench Press – 1×3@80%, 1×3@85%, 1×3@90%, 1×3@85%, 1×3@80%
  • Abdominal/Accessory Work – 3 sets each of 10 reps of each of the following: upright rows with barbells, shoulder press with barbells, weighted sit ups, and weighted one-legged dips off a bench or box

Didn’t do too badly I don’t think:

  • Deadlifts – 265#, 285#, 305#, 285#, 265# (my one rep is 335#, so 79%, 85%, and 91%)
  • Two rounds of the accessory work with 30# barbells, a 20# med ball, and no weights on the dips (left knee was fine, right knee complained) (I did the accessory work while the other guys finished up their bench press sets)
  • Bench press – I wanted to go a bit lighter, but Drea called me out. 🙂 started at 115#, then jumped to 145# and worked up to 155#, 165#, and 175#, then back down again (my one rep was 205#, so 75%, 80%, and 85% – a bit light, but not awful)

I still need to do Fran… so hopefully I can squeak that in soon.

Probably not going to make it in tomorrow, but it looks like we may make the team workout on Saturday, so we’ll see how that goes.

Thanks Drea for spotting me and great work everybody! Have a good day, folks!


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