Monday Shoulders

What are Monday shoulders? Let me tell you… It’s when you take a look at the Monday workout at your crossfit box and it turns out to be overhead squats and ring dips. 🙂

I really wasn’t sure I wanted to go, but I had some frustration to burn off from work so I felt it was a good time to get a workout in. Silly me!

Overhead-squat-1Made in for an 8:30 class with Coach Drea and a bunch of other folks… Lisa, Monica, Mike, Elyse, Lyle, Casey, Nicole, and a friend of theirs from out of town. Was a busy group of folks at Crossfit Continuum this morning!

Started with a 400m run/500m row and then did pigs on skates, thorassic high fives, push-ups, a handstand hold, and maybe something else… all before working on some overhead squat form with a PVC pipe. Overhead squats are not one of my favorite things at the box, but I have to say I have gotten better. And my squats are better these days too. So some progress anyway.

The workout today: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of…

  • Ring dips
  • Overhead squats (115#/75#)

This was another one from main site

Some of our folks did go Rx on weight, but I was not among them. I started with 95# and scaled down from there to 75# after only a couple of rounds. I also scaled on the ring dips – starting strict for a few and hopping on a band pretty quickly. My shoulders are a little tired, but it was my wrists that were complaining from the start. Nothing like doing nearly half your reps in the first two rounds. 🙂

20151026_093713Everybody was done long before I was, but I wasn’t in a rush. “For time” to me simply means “when I get it done” unless there is a time cap. Took me 28:16 to finish. Drea said to shoot for 15-20 minutes. HA!

Greg from an earlier class did it scaled in 13 minutes, so I only doubled that and added another couple of minutes. 🙂

Here’s the funny. I really wanted to stop. Somehow I convinced myself to keep going. Not bad for a Monday.

Now it’s time for some ibuprofen and ice (right knee is cranky) and probably some shoulder mobility… oh, and work too!

Great work everybody! You all killed it!


2 thoughts on “Monday Shoulders”

  1. I was feeling really good this morning and was able to complete both rounds of 21 and 15 OHS without taking a break! That doesn’t happen to often.

    When I was done I had to go through it again in my head to make sure I didn’t forget a round!

    I was good, I could account for each round. Wish that would happen more often.

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