DNF (?) Thursday

This has been a hard week with a few unexpected twists and turns at work. And I (should have) learned yesterday that my body is screaming for a rest day. Ha! Since when have Fitzpatricks ever listened to common sense regarding how hard to push themselves. We’re kind to everyone else, but cruel to ourselves. Apparently it’s a family trait.

So what do you think I did today?

Yeah, I went in for another workout. Go figure. Silly me.

Had my poorly placed 9am meeting this morning at work, so I couldn’t make it to any of the morning classes. But I did make it to a Noon one with Coach Drea and Marino, Shaun, and Chad. (And Joel was finishing up the workout when I arrived while Bill, Drea, and Isaac were chatting up front. So it wasn’t a quiet place. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

(Evelyn, AJ, and Danielle went in this morning to do the workout as well. Sounds like they had just about as much fun as I did, as Ev was complaining she might not be able to move her arms tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

How to Front Squat
How to Front Squat

Started with a “fun little warm-up” as Drea put it… 7 minute AMRAP… 15 double unders (or 30 singles in my case), 5 med-ball cleans, and 10 light kettle-bell swings. From there we did a bit of mobility (couch stretch for me – I’d already done a little banded shoulder work before we got started) and then bounced into the workout itself.

Today was another one of the Team Series workouts… Increasing front squats to a max – 7-7-7-7-7 reps.

I honestly thought I would be ok with this one even though my left shoulder is wrapped up in three pieces of Rock Tape courtesy of Caleb from yesterday. Apparently that wasn’t the case.

I warmed up with 95# on the bar, which felt fine. Then I did the first set at 125#. Wasn’t awful. Bumped up to 145#. Got rougher, but not awful. And then I went to 155# (I was aiming for 175# at the high end) and got through 6 reps of the 7 before I had to drop it. My left arm and wrist gave up and I lost my grip.

That was when Isaac hopped in to help diagnose the issue. We eventually decided it was probably my left wrist or my lats. Drea already had me doing some more banded shoulder mobility between sets 2 and 3 to help open up the lats. And Joel suggested some wrist mobility. Plus, I did a bit of the forearm/wrist mobility stretch that Bill showed me with a PVC pipe.

When I got back to the bar to do my 7th rep, Isaac suggested widening my grip a bit, so I did that. And then the left side looked fine but the right side didn’t. I dropped the bar and we talked some more.

And I never picked it up again. I should have done two more sets of 7, but my left shoulder (the taped one) was aching by that point and I decided to listen to my body. Sort of.

origin-insertionBy that point everybody else was done with their five sets, so I cleaned up my bar and set up at the rig for the next part of the fun… and EMOM.ย EMOM x 10: 1 strict pull-up + 3 chest to bar pull-ups + 5 kipping pull-ups without coming off the bar.


I jokingly said I was shooting for 1 pull-up every round, but that was sort of how it ended up. Instead of chest-to-bar, I did kipping pull-ups. The first round I did one strict pull up, three kipping pull-ups, and then 5 kipping pull-ups – pretty much staying on the bar the whole time. But that was the best of the lot. I did manage one rough strict pull-up every round but one and in most rounds I at least completed three kipping pull-ups.

It wasn’t pretty. But I at least did something every round of the EMOM but one. Meanwhile – Chad, Marino, and Shaun were rocking it out. ๐Ÿ™‚

Great work guys! You all looked fantastic! And thank you Drea & Isaac for trying to help. I think my body is just trying to tell me to give it a rest.

Tomorrow I’m set to take the girls in for an early workout, so it may be a day to get in some mobility and become a cheerleader. My left bicep is tired. My left shoulder is tired. Generally I think my body is just tired.

So we’ll see what happens. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope everybody is having a good day!


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