The Unexpected Wednesday WOD

So today is usually my rest day. It just happens that way most weeks. But this morning, after a biweekly meeting, my Internet went down for several hours. Tough to work on code when you can’t get to it over the internet.

My wife just happened to be off today so she could talk to three different 5th grade classes about the digestive system at my youngest’s elementary this morning. She happened to come home after I had been on the phone with technical support for an hour and mentioned that it would be a good day to go catch a Noon class at Crossfit Continuum.

So… long story short… my rest day turned into workout #3 for me this week. It was just Ev, myself, and Coach Drea today, so it was pretty quiet except for all my grumbling. We did get to see Jimmy again today, which was nice, and Logan too (he was working out with Drea when we got there) – plus Chad, who was doing a mini workout of his own… so we weren’t exactly alone. 🙂

Overhead walking lunge demonstrated in an image from Stampede Crossfit
Overhead walking lunge demonstrated in an image from Stampede Crossfit

We started with a 500m row and then did some odds and ends to warm up (I also added in some shoulder mobility and some couch stretch before we even got started) before talking about today’s workout…

5 rounds for time of:

  • 45/35# barbell overhead walking lunges, 50 feet
  • 21 burpees

We did walking lunges without additional weight earlier in the week (Monday), so I thought this would be ok. Drea offered a bit of a scaling option for the overhead part – go with the bar overhead as long as possible and then put it in a back rack position. So I did overhead for the first round and back rack for the rest, but I think it was the burpees that killed me today.

My hamstrings were already fired up when I got there (thus the couch stretch), but somehow that translated to the quad before long (above the knee). Meanwhile my calves were also tightening up from the lunges, so they started pulling below the knee. And my knees were caught in an unwinnable war between them. They felt like they were on fire.

Add to that the fact that I tend to shove one arm or the other (it seems to alternate, but today was the left) into its socket when I slam myself into the ground for a burpee, and you have a very angry left shoulder to contend with as well.

It was a trifecta from hell.

Did I finish? Yes, but it took me forever. Drea said that it was taking other folks 10-20 minutes to get this one done. It took me more than half an hour and a whole lot of bitching.

Ev got it done in 22:39 with 1/2 overhead and 1/2 back rack for the lunges.

It took me 33:38 with 1 round of overhead and the rest back racked.

This was not a fun workout for me. Good thing is that I already had an appointment with my favorite chiropractor Caleb for this afternoon, so I’m hoping he can put me back together.

I’m not sure that I’m going to make it tomorrow at Noon now. But we’ll see…

Thanks Drea for a spicy workout and great work Ev. You definitely smoked me!


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