Walking Lunge Mondays…

Monday already? Where’d the weekend go?!? Guess we survived. šŸ™‚

I also made it through my two Monday morning meetings so I could head to Crossfit Continuum for a 9:30am workout. Got there a little early to see the 8:30 crew finish up with Coach Drea. Larry, Connie, and Jason were finishing up while Drea & Coach Bill caught up.

20151012_103417The 9:30 class consisted of myself, Lisa, Mike, Andrea, and Brent under the watchful eye of Bill. We started with a 600m row (justification: 500m was too short and 1000m was too long) and then did some work cross the floor… a particular stretching lunge from one end to the other with your arms over your head, then a plank hold and some other odds-n-ends.

Once that was done, we gathered our equipment for the workout… a 30 minute AMRAP consisting of:

  • 12 walking-lunge steps (6 each side)
  • 15 weighted sit-ups
  • 15 hip extensions on the GHD or good mornings
  • 5 muscle-ups or chest-to-bar pull-ups

20151012_103401I used my knee wraps today to try and protect them a bit better during the lunges, but used a 20# med ball for the sit-ups, an empty 45# barbell for the good mornings, and did 5 good “chin over” kiping pull-ups each round. I lost count about round 4 and cost myself a little time, but got through 7 rounds plus 27 reps, so not too bad.

I joke that I have two speeds – slow and slower. Today was definitely slow. šŸ™‚

Other folks went much faster, doing C2B pull-ups or ring muscle-ups or scaling in different ways. It was fine. They all rocked it. I don’t think any of us stopped for long at any point during the workout.

20151012_103413Plus, I was happy with my pull-ups (so was Bill) and my lunges didn’t hurt as bad as they have in the past. So I’m hopeful that the Collagen Peptides from Vital Proteins that we’ve been taking for a couple of weeks is starting to help. (I had to order a new batch recently so we could keep it going.) It would be nice to make my knees happier with some of these movements again. šŸ™‚

Not bad for a Monday… Great work everybody! And thanks Bill (and Connie) for the encouragement!

I will try not to bore anyone with more Zone Diet posts for a while either… I was using the blog posts to keep track of things, but I think we’re in the groove so it’s a little easier now.

Have a great day folks!Ā šŸ™‚


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