Back Squat PR, Baby!

Today I didn’t get to a morning workout because of a new work meeting I have to attend on Thursday mornings, but I made it to a Noon class with Coaches Isaac and Zac, plus I got to see Coach Bill and work out with Chad. It’s been forever since I’ve seen Chad in person, so that was fun. He’s always fun to work out with.

The challenge for today: PR on back squats. After doing 265# three times last week (my one rep is 275#) I kind of expected to at least hit 285#, but my goal today in my head was 305#.

one-rep-max-memeI got there a bit early and was stiff after sitting in my chair most of the morning, so I stretched a little and voluntarily ran a 400m jog just to shake out the cobwebs a bit. When I got back Isaac asked if I was “going for extra credit” which I thought was very funny. 🙂 We did some knee hugs, spider man lunges, squat to stands, low and slow air squats, and cossack squats, and then got to warming up with the bar.

He had me start at 135# three times just to get started and from there we were off to the races:

  • 225#
  • 245#
  • 275# (my old one rep max)
  • 295# (a new one rep max)
  • 305# (yet another new one rep max)

I am shocked but stoked that I hit 305#. And I didn’t hurt. My knees are a little fired up, but not what I expected. The fact that I hit that number that I had in my head and Isaac wanted me to hit blew me away. There were high fives all around!!

Isaac worked with Chad a bit on his squat, so hopefully he will see some big gains over time as well. 🙂

Once all that was done, we had a rowing series to go through:

  • Row 5 minutes. Rest 5 minutes. I hit 1200+ meters.
  • Row 3 minutes. Rest 3 minutes. I hit 750+ meters.
  • Row 1 minute. I hit 301 meters.

What surprised me was the 5 minute row. I was comfortable enough that I think I could have rowed for another 5 minutes. And I attribute that to the fact that I was warm, but also the zone diet. I was not winded when we got done and I don’t think that’s ever happened. Apparently I had enough fuel to keep the system running pretty steadily through the whole thing.


305# is something I never thought I’d hit. And I’ll take it all the way to the bank. 🙂

Thanks Isaac and Zac for the coaching and Chad for the encouragement!

Hope everybody has a fantastic day!


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