Cindy Friday?

Ah Fridays. They’re supposed to be easy, right? Apparently not. I even took the day off… silly me.

This morning started with a bang at 4:30am when the alarm went off to get my wife and girls up to go to the box for a 5am workout. Of the three of them, only two headed out, and I went back to sleep for a bit with the dogs.

I got up at 6:15 and was ready to attack the day, or so I thought. About that time, my wife and daughter got home. I had a cup of coffee with a splash of creamer (I’m a rebel) and a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. Headed to the basement to post on my games blog. Life was good. I should have known better…

Highway to the Diet Zone…

20151002_102147Today is the first day of the “In the Zone” challenge at Crossfit Continuum. Over the next four months we’ll adjust diet and work on a few other things to improve our performance in the box. This month we’re starting with the Zone Diet. And after looking at all the documentation last night I was more than a little worried about how it was going to go.

When I emerged from the basement I discovered I had a panicked teenager to deal with. Zone isn’t the easiest thing to get started with and we just kind of dropped it in the middle of everything else going on at our house. We didn’t go shopping. Didn’t meal prep at all. Just *blam* – here are some printed PDFs, go figure it out. And my daughter was in a time crunch before school, lost with what she needed to accomplish food-wise.

We defused the situation, got her set up, and figured out some stuff for lunch and snack to take to school, and I ran her to school. Meanwhile my wife helped our youngest get her stuff together.

And then we pretty much headed back to the box for the 9:30am class so I could do Cindy (after taking our youngest to school and dropping the car at the dealership for a regular service – wouldn’t do to have a SIMPLE day, not at all).

Keep in mind I have had a cup of coffee at this point. So far, not tracking well for eating on this diet.

Cindy Lou Who?

Today’s WOD was Cindy as a benchmark (20 minutes AMRAP, 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats). Not one of my favorites, but a standard workout for crossfit. No biggie.

We got to the box in time to watch the 8:30 class work through it. Monica, Daniel, Lori, and Lisa. Our 9:30 class had a new gal, plus Joel, Heather, Danielle, Elyse, and Lyle. Both classes were full of good folks, as per usual. And if your name wasn’t “Brian,” you killed it. 🙂

While the 8:30 class was chugging away, Coach Drea did my measurements. I think the weight was off, but we got ’em done and will compare at the end of the month to see where we’re at. Apparently for my body type I’m supposed to eat 22 blocks a day. That’s a lot of food. I’m still wrapping my head around that.

And then I tackled Cindy. I did ok for a few rounds, but that 20 minutes went fast. Ultimately I got through 9 full rounds plus 3 pull-ups. That was 273 reps. Compare that to other folks like Daniel who did 22 rounds or even my eldest daughter who got through 13… I didn’t do that hot. And I’m ok with that – it’s my benchmark, not a competition really, so fine.

When we were done, I had my recovery shake (a Progenex Loco Mocha) and we talked with Drea about the diet stuff. Still not food, but something to put in the system anyway.

Everyone did awesome during the workout, so that was cool. 🙂

Rest of the Day

So other than a cup of coffee and the Progenex, I still haven’t eaten anything today at this point.

My wife and I headed to The Martian starring Matt Damon and split a bottle of water. No snacks. We were good kids. And then we headed to Saltgrass for a tenderloin cobb salad. Finally, food! (Great movie, still a better book. Just sayin’.)

We think it was about 4 blocks give or take. So not quite a 5 block meal, but hey, there’s something in my belly now.

Still lost about the Zone stuff, but will eventually wrap my head around it. And of course soccer will get in the way of that this weekend with at least three games in a tournament for our youngest.

This too shall pass. Maybe by the end of the month we’ll get it figured out.

Not a great day off so far, but hey… it’s not over yet. Who knows? Maybe I’ll eat something else before I’m done…

Hope everybody had a good day and has a fine weekend!


5 thoughts on “Cindy Friday?”

  1. Good luck with the Zone! I tried it about a year ago and there was so much measuring of everything, it drove me insane. I’m now quite happy being paleo 80% of the time. I find I’m doing well performance-wise and not such a hassle as The Zone! I hope it works out for you!

    1. Thanks Val! We’re just getting started and will give it at least a month to settle in. If we decide we’re too insane at the end (we’re already insane, so it might be tough to measure) we may adjust at that point. 🙂

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