Leaping into Tuesday

This week is already better on the workout front. Workout #2 for the week is in the books…

20150929_102841Was going to try and make it to the 8:30 class, but work insanity struck again and caused me a little grief so I had to reschedule. I work as a code monkey, i.e. “software engineer”, and stumbled on a mystery after being asked to look into a test failure at 6:45 this morning. I left the computer chugging away rebuilding some stuff and headed in for a 9:30 class.

When I got there, one of my box mates, Andy, asked if this week was going any better than last week (last week was rough) and I had to say “Not really.” But by the end of the class, the endorphin rush had kicked in and I was feeling better. One more beneficial side effect to crossfit beyond getting in shape and interacting with a mutually supportive community. πŸ™‚

Whereas it looked like everybody was exhausted and beat up a bit by yesterday’s workout, today folks were smiling and happy. Amazing what a difference a day makes! It was Monica, Andy, Ashley, Nicole, and Mike in the 8:30 class with Coach Drea.

For the 9:30 class it was me and Sam with Coach Drea, so a quiet class. Sam is small but mighty. πŸ™‚

Today was a strength day at Crossfit Continuum. We’ve been in a back squat cycle (which I missed all of last week) and it continued today (and again this coming Thursday)…

We started with an 800m run or 1000m row and I chose to row today to save my knees a bit of wear and tear. Took me about 4:15 to do that, so not bad. And then we jumped right into warming up to our starting weight for back squats.

Back Squats

Today’s progression was 5@75%, 5@80%, 5@85%, 5@80%, and 5+@75%. And honestly I was feeling pretty wimpy today. My one rep max is 275#, so I should have been at 205#, 220#, 235#. Instead I worked at 205#, 215#, and 225#… a bit lighter than I should have, but still good.

I warmed up and went through this progression…

  • 45# x1
  • 135# x1
  • 185# x1
  • 205# x5
  • 215# x5
  • 225# x5
  • 215# x5
  • 205# x6

Took a while, but we got it done.

Skill Work

And then we did some skill work, which was quite interesting. The easy part was a 3 rep back squat series at a lighter weight where you go down to the bottom of the squat, come up halfway, then drop again and stand. I did those at 135#. They weren’t too bad.

20150929_102820The bizarre one was this strange “seated box jump”. I’m about 5’10” and longer in the torso than the legs. Even so, I can usually pull off a 20″ box jump when my knees cooperate and occasionally even do a 24″ box jump (or step ups). But I’ve never attempted one while sitting on a low box.

Talk about playing mental games with yourself… Geez. I couldn’t think myself up from my butt onto a 20″ box to save myself. So Drea had me start small. Jumping onto a 45# plate. Then 2 plates. Then 3 plates. And even after that I still couldn’t convince myself to jump to 20″. These plates are a little over 3″ (maybe 3 1/4″). So three of them is about 10″ high. I was able to jump on three. I could probably do 4. But even after psyching myself up to do that, I couldn’t bring myself to jump on the damn 20″ box.

It’s all in my head. I suppose there are a lot of things like that…

It was just amusing. I sat there on the little box and stared at the 20″ box like it was three feet tall. It was crazy.

Someday I’ll conquer my brain. Until then… one thing at a time. πŸ™‚

Great work Sam! Thanks Drea for all the help!

And I’ll be back again on Thursday for more back squats. πŸ™‚


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