Cricket Flour? Really? Yeah, really…

As you’ve probably figured out by now, I like to write about my experiences. 🙂

So recently I saw an ad for eXo Protein Bars. They have a trial pack that includes four flavors – Blueberry Vanilla, Apple Cinammon, Cocoa Nut, and Peanut Butter and Jelly. And if you’ve heard of eXo, you know they’re special because they make their products out of cricket flour.

*Chirp* *Chirp* *Chirp*
eXo Protein Bars – Blueberry Vanilla

Yes, that’s right. Crickets. (NPR wrote up a good article about it last August.) What they do is “farm” crickets, clean them, dry them, and mill them into a fine flour. According to the eXo FAQ:

  • The crickets are raised specifically for human consumption and fed an organic, grain-based diet, and filtered water. And they’re tweaking that all the time: “We are constantly focused on optimizing the feed and are experimenting with various options including organic matter like orange peels and cornhusks.”
  • “There are approximately 40 crickets in each bar.”

It took a while for them to arrive (I ordered back in April and they were backordered at the time). But they did eventually appear. And they look just like every other protein bar in a simple wrapper.

I’ve had a few protein bars over the years. None of them taste particularly great. And honestly this one is right in the same ballpark. It’s not like you can “taste” the crickets. And as a sustainable process, it’s a hell of a lot better in the long run than beef or other more mainstream proteins. It’s not like the crickets are contributing to the hole in the ozone layer quite the same way.

So far I’ve only tried the Blueberry Vanilla one. I have three others to try and will share them with my family to get their take on it. But they’re not horrible. Consistency- and taste-wise I think they’re no worse than any other protein bar. I still prefer Larabars, even though they’re not really “protein bars” (they do include 4g of protein, but eXo bars are 10g each).

You can buy a box of any of the flavors for about $36 for a box of 12. That’s about $3 a bar. You can even order them through Amazon Prime to get around shipping costs (though through the eXo site shipping is free for orders of $45 or more).

I’m not convinced I’m going to rush out and order a ton, but they’re another tool in the toolbox and I’ll be very curious to see what the rest of the flavors taste like!

The fact that it’s made with insect bits doesn’t really “bug” me much I guess. 😉

Check out the eXo site for more details –


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