Mid-week update (week 3) and the Food demon

We’re not quite there yet, but this Friday marks three weeks. So where are we at in this goals effort?

My biggest success? Decreasing my rest time between sets and trying to increase my reps per set. It’s a mental game. Count to three, keep moving. And my body does have the last laugh a lot of the time, so eventually I can get down to one or two reps at a pop. But… and this is a big but. I am keeping moving.

Gluttony by Noidatron on Deviant Art
Gluttony by Noidatron on Deviant Art

Even my trainers have noticed, which is awesome. Still a work in progress, but progress nonetheless.

And I’ve had some success with doing the meal planning and a little with meditation. Those are also a work in progress, but keeping them in mind daily and weekly has made a difference.

My biggest failure? Diet and weight. It’s a challenge. The first day I met with Coach Drea I weighed 225. Today as I write this post, I’m at 230. That’s not the right direction.

Why? I like to eat. I get bored with food, which makes me lazy and makes me go for quick solutions.

I do fine with planned meals for evenings. But the rest? Not so much.

Breakfast? Dang it’s been hit and miss. Many days I simply skip it all together. Other days I do fine with my three eggs, 1/2 a chicken & apple sausage, and some green onion or mushrooms. But I have to admit that I’ve fallen into the rut of drinking 2-4 cups of coffee in the morning and calling it good.

Lunch? Bah.

If I have leftovers, sometimes I’m good. But this is a case where laziness and boredom kick in big time. If I try to stick with strict paleo, it makes me not want to eat. I’d rather have a sandwich. I’d rather have a wrap or burrito. Something I can hold with my hands and scarf down.

As a result of that boredom, I end up cheating. A lot.

Plus, apparently I have a sweet tooth. A chunk of dark chocolate. A cookie. A brownie. A fruit bar. Candy. All the stuff I know I shouldn’t eat… and yet…

And cider beers. I like one or two several nights a week. Or a glass of sweet wine.

Thus… failure at the whole diet thing.

I’m working out 3-5 times a week. Last week was 3. This week should be 4. And that’s going well.

Ultimately here’s the thing… I’m not beating myself up about it. And maybe I should be.

I know I need to come up with a collection of go-to meals for breakfasts and lunches to combat the boredom and laziness. I’m just having trouble coming up with the motivation to do so.

Is my weight a motivator? Sure. I feel guilty every time I step on a scale. But apparently that guilt is not enough.

So let me throw this question out there… What do YOU do to combat the food demon? I want to eat. I just tend to fall back into old patterns VERY quickly when I’m bored. What are your go-to, quick and easy meals for breakfast and lunch?


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