Update – 13-APR-2015

Well, it wasn’t a very good weekend goals or attitude-wise, but we’re trying hard to get things back on track today… So far I’ve not done well on that front either.

Weight-wise I was at 226.8 today. That’s what happens when you don’t eat much or well the day before.

So here’s where we’re at…

1) I am attempting to avoid Facebook this week in an attempt to disconnect a bit from one of my big time wasters. I’ve checked FB already a half dozen times, so that’s not working. 🙂 (I’m getting around my FB hitch this week with this post since WordPress auto-posts to my FB feed…)

2) Though I was up at 6, I didn’t manage to eat breakfast, meditate or do any meal planning. I did attend my two Monday morning meetings however and drink 3 cups of coffee with a dairy coffee creamer. Not good.

3) I did make it to a 9:30am workout at Crossfit Continuum with my wife. We did Angie (100 pull-ups, 100 push ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 air squats for time). Didn’t manage to do it Rx – but did the first round Rx, even if it was slow. After that it was a combination of banded pull-ups and ring rows, plus push-ups from my knees because damn my shoulders and forearms were fried. Took me 29:08 with all that. Ev did jumping pull-ups and banded pull-ups, plus push-ups from her knees and managed it in 24:09. And all of that was with Coach Bill belting out 80s rock tunes with the radio. 🙂

4) And we did get to chat with Rich, Kristina, Drea, and Jimmy a little today, so that was fun.

5) Still haven’t done Drea’s EMOM.

I’m hoping the rest of today (let alone the rest of the week) goes better.


3 thoughts on “Update – 13-APR-2015”

  1. If it helps my Monday is no where as accomplished as you. My lovely child keeps asking for food but doesn’t eat anything I give her. So far I have gotten dressed and we went to Safeway so I could get coffee. You have two meetings and a Wod done already. Just eat something and you are doing great. Maybe we should bring back paleo dinner night.

    1. Ugh. Sorry Lee. Good luck with Clara Bear. And I guess you’re right… I am still chugging along. I just don’t feel like I’m hitting these milestones in my head, whatever they may be. Did just have an unhealthy burrito with shredded chicken and cheese though, so I guess that counts for something.

      As far as the paleo dinner nights, yeah – we’ve talked about that too. Whenever soccer is done we should definitely start it up again – just too much “stuff” hitting the fan in the evenings at this point. 🙂

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