The 10% Mark – 12-APR-2015

One week in…

So last week was a mixed bag. I made it to crossfit monday, tuesday, thursday, and friday. I did fairly well on diet through friday night. I meditated once. Did some meal planning. Never managed to do the EMOM Drea set up for me. Did work through a chunk of the book.

Weight-wise I was at 229 this morning. I was at 226 yesterday morning. So the whole diet thing isn’t doing well. Weekends being what they are, I enjoy food. And meal planning goes to crap when time gets away from you.

Where does that leave me?

Work In Progress ConceptThe first day of this goals session was Friday, April 3. We’re now at the 12th. That’s 9 days into 90. A full 10%.

And let’s take stock of that…

First, I did manage to get to crossfit 4x this week. And I felt like, with the exception of a time cap I set for myself on Friday, I performed pretty well. I was keeping my number of reps up. My times weren’t bad. And strength-wise I held my own.

Was it perfect? No, but nothing ever is. Pushing myself to shorter breaks between sets or reps made a difference, so I’m good with that.

Second, dieting is not my thing. I like food. Fatty foods. Sweet foods. Good foods. And though I did fairly well at making sure we had planned, paleo-friendly meals this week, I was stymied a bit by a few things…

My loving wife made macadmia nut chocolate chip cookies. A lot of them. And they are a weakness of mine. Very tasty. Some days I would eat as many as three to five of them. Sometimes 2 at a time.

Soccer schedules suck. Friday night I had a plan for dinner, but honestly after driving to the other side of town and becoming addicted to Daredvil (new Netflix show) earlier in the day, my motivation was sapped. We ordered pizza.

Saturday I had 1/2 a piece of pizza for breakfast along with some Starbucks, watched my youngest’s soccer game, and went to lunch at Gunther Toody’s – had a banana milkshake and eight tasty fried chicken tenders with ranch and honey mustard dressing. Then followed that up with a chocolate chip cookie while at a game store playing board games with my daughter. That night we went to some friends’ house, had chicken/onion/mushroom/pepper kabobs (very tasty), caprese salad (very tasty), more of those macadamia nut cookies, and a trio of Redds Apple Ales.

Today so far I have had 2 cold pieces of pizza and a bottle of water, then followed that up with a Frappucino from Starbucks and a banana and almond butter burrito.

When we have a plan, the diet thing goes fine. But when motivation runs out, I honestly have issues. And I suspect I’m not alone in that.

I don’t like planning for the weekends. We have enough going on that adding any complexity honestly seems torturous. And I tend to avoid torture and pain.

Third, I’m having some serious attitude issues. Either the diet is getting into my head or some of the pressures I feel like I’m under regularly are getting to me. But that’s a topic for another day.

So where does that leave me for the next 90% of this process?

I don’t see changing the “torture” portion of weekend planning through the end of May. We have soccer commitments all the way to Memorial Day weekend and probably beyond.

I can attempt some course corrections this week as far as more meditation goes. And try to keep up the work with crossfit, improving reps, and decreasing rest time. And continue to do some meal planning as far as I can make it work.

Beyond that… I’m not sure.


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