A Thank You For My Coaches

This post is ultimately about coaching styles, but bear with me as we wind around to the thank you at the end.

I’ve been doing crossfit now multiple times a week for more than two years at Crossfit Continuum. During that time, I’ve had quite a few coaches and I consider that variety in tone and technique to be one of the main reasons I have stuck with it.

coaching-500x220When I started, the box was in a little space in a furniture store next to an area set aside for indoor sports (soccer, volleyball, etc). I was mainly coached by four people in those early days…

  • Coach Drea – Patient, encouraging, supportive
  • Coach Rich – Forceful, demanding, encouraging
  • Coach Eric – Fun, cheerleading, demanding, patient, encouraging
  • Coach Lee – Demanding, patient, supportive, encouraging

Each of these coaches provided different methods of motivation.

Where Rich would push hard to ensure that I got as much out of each rep as possible (almost drill sergeant style), Eric was more like a big brother having fun along the way. Where Lee was more of a sports-style coach working towards continuous progress, Drea focused more on ensuring that I got through the workout and could still function at the end.

They all contributed to a strong tapestry of form and function over strength, ensuring (as much as they could) that I was getting the fundamentals of each movement before adding strength. But sometimes I would get pushed towards strength as well. For instance, with deadlifts Drea and Lee wouldn’t let me stop one day early on when we were going for a one rep max. I wanted to stop and they pushed until I surprised myself repeatedly, lifting 175# or 195# by the end.

That push and pull by each of the coaches ensured that I was focusing on a wider range of details – and that kept things fresh and interesting.

These days I work mainly with four coaches:

  • Coach Drea – Patient, encouraging, supportive
  • Coach Jimmy – Demanding, but supportive and encouraging
  • Coach Bill – Fun, cheerleading, patient, encouraging
  • Coach Heather – Fun, demanding, supportive, encouraging

I appreciate them all. Each approaches the warm-ups and workouts a bit differently than the others, and that contributes even more to the variety that crossfit has in spades.

So that brings me to my thank you.

Some coaches I see each week. I see Drea, Jimmy, Bill, and Heather all the time and we have a good time at Crossfit Continuum.

Some coaches have moved on. Eric headed to Texas to do great things. Rich is moving to Massachusetts to do great things. Lee has moved to another box and is still a frequent part of our lives.

It’s a big family and I know I am safe, going to be pushed, and going to have fun every time I walk in the door.

Each of them has been a big part of my continued success on this weird crossfit journey I’m on.

I want to thank all of you for pushing me forward. Without you, I would not have had the solid start I did 2 years ago. Nor would I still be chugging along.

So THANK YOU. You’re all fantastic. Whether I see you daily or rarely these days, I appreciate everything you have done and continue to do.

Thank You


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