Saturday Team WODs

Team workouts are always interesting.

It took me a long time to get up the gumption to go to one for some reason. From outside they always seemed to include the best athletes — a crowd I don’t really feel I fit in with. And then… I attended one. Since then I’ve been hooked.

Sometimes they’re partner WODs. Sometimes they’re groups of 3 or 4. But the goal is always to work together to get through. And if there’s one thing the crossfit community can do – it’s work together. Cheering one another on is nothing out of the ordinary for crossfit – so I don’t know why I was intimidated in the first place.

April 4, 2015 Team WOD

Today at Crossfit Continuum we invited new blood into the box. Bring a friend. Stay for a workout. 😉

I got to work out with my wife Evelyn and my eldest daughter Mickey. My youngest helped out with the Crossfit Kids WOD before ours. Perhaps next time I’ll try and convince some of my friends to join us.

This one though was a doozy. Coach Jimmy managed to program a workout with no barbells and nothing on the rig. Translation: A Whole Lot of Burpees.

Yes, that’s right. I said burpees.

We started out with a love-to-hate warm-up as a group. As we listen to the song “Roxanne” by the Police, you do jumping jacks until they sing the word “Roxanne” and then do a burpee. It’s three minutes of torture in the guise of entertainment. 😉 If you know the song at all, you know at the end they say that word a ton.

Did I mention that there were a lot of burpees today? :p

Over the course of the next hour plus, in teams of four, we tackled more of those suckers. 🙂 A newer member to our box, Emily, joined us for this lovely WOD. And she did great!

Saturday, April 4, 2015 Team WOD
Saturday, April 4, 2015 Team WOD

The first part of the workout was 3 rounds of – 25 burpees, 25 kettle-bell swings (53/35#), and 25 box jumps (24/20″). And the first 25 burpees had to be done by everybody in the group as a buy-in. Everything else could be broken up among the team. I used a 53# kettle-bell and did step-ups on a 20″ box.

Then one team member runs 400m and grabs a bean bag.

The next part was 3 rounds of – 25 kettle-bell thrusters (53/35#), 25 jumping lunges, 25 burpee box jumps, and 25 partner candlesticks. I used a 35# kettle-bell for the one-armed thrusters, and somehow we got through the rest.

Then another team member runs 400m to grab a bean bag.

The third part was just one round of 100 goblet squats (53/35#), 100 wall balls, and 100 partner GHD movements or banded good mornings. Goblet squats I could do with a 53# kettle-bell and I used a 20# medball for wall balls. Though Ev and I started with partner GHD on the floor, I moved to banded good mornings for most of it.

Another team member run.

The last part was another one round chunk… 100 partner leg tosses, 150 push-ups, and 200 kettle-bell sumo deadlift high pulls (53/35#).

And one last run before the team runs off to find a “flag” (think flag football) hidden somewhere in the complex like an Easter egg hunt.

Jimmy really outdid himself on this one. 🙂

Our team wasn’t dead last and completed everything in about 70 or 75 minutes I think. So we did ok. 🙂

As always, it was fun – and the camaraderie was awesome. We had new faces and old with us, so it was a good time.

Hopefully the new folks didn’t get scared off! 🙂

Great work everybody!


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