New Effort – Goal Setting!

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written here, so I figured it was about time to kick off a new effort.

Today starts a 90 day period of measuring some goals with regards to crossfit, appearance, diet, etc. Right before the July 4th holiday we’ll wrap it up, so we’ll see how it goes. 🙂

I worked with Coach Drea today to set up the goals, but let’s set the stage before we talk about them.

Where are we today?

I’ve been getting to Crossfit Continuum in Colorado Springs pretty regularly over the last couple of years. I average 3 or 4 workouts a week, which is pretty solid. And I’ve seen steady gains in my strength and mobility over that time.

What I haven’t really seen has been an increase in my endurance. I do OK when one or two movements are involved, but add in running or rowing or throw in a list of movements and somehow my mind and body stop communicating. I’ve also noticed that as I’ve continued, my knees and hips have become cranky – so I’ve had to do more with mobility and stretching even during my rest days.

And diet-wise, we’ve slipped over the last few months. We restarted some relaxed paleo this week and when I weighed myself Monday, March 30, I was at 228.8. At one point a year ago doing Whole30 I managed to get down to 198. And I’ve put a couple of inches back on my middle as well.

So what are the new goals?

dartsIt boils down to three main goals:

  1. Improve Endurance
  2. Improve Appearance
  3. Improve Mental Focus

So let’s go through these one at a time. Today we’ll cover the first one.

#1 – Improve Endurance

Rep Count

Do you ever get stuck mentally on a number when you’re working out? Mine is 5. I can consistently bang out five reps of something, but run into issues when I try to get beyond that. It happens, but I always find myself falling back to the 5.

So when my brain says “stop” I’m supposed to push 2 more reps out. Instead of my usual 5-7, shoot for 7-9 or more.

Rest Strategy

Here’s where a lot of extra time filters into my WODs. The rest time just builds up – I’ll have longer and longer waits between getting going again. Or my stroll from one station to the next will take just a little bit longer each time.

So Drea gave me these guidelines:

  • for WODs of 10 minutes and under, give myself no more than 10-15 second breaks. Count to 10 or 15 and at least get one rep in – because usually if you can do one, you can do more than one
  • for WODs of 20 minutes+, give myself no more than a 15-20 second break.

Row Intervals

And lastly, add a bit more endurance work each week. Two times a week throw in an 8-minute EMOM, alternating:

  • 15 calorie row
  • 8 burpees

It sounds awful, but we’ll give it a shot. 🙂

Eventual Goal

My eventual goal is to build up so I can conquer the Incline in Manitou Springs this summer. I’ve never attempted it because it’s a daunting challenge. But this summer we’re going to give it a shot.


Tomorrow we’ll talk about the other goals we set out. Thanks for reading!


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