Lurong Challenge 2014, Week 5

Wait… What happened to weeks 3 and 4?

I had every intention of writing one of these each week, but as you can see that has not happened. 🙂

A couple of interesting observations about this Lurong Challenge.

First, a busy family life and scheduling insanity has definitely reduced the effectiveness of the challenge this year vs. last. As a family we have not had the time to do meal planning with running to school, soccer, and whatever other events creep up each week. As a result I feel like I’m falling down in the food part of this challenge. (Even though I purchased a membership to MealFit from Thomas Cox, we have not taken advantage of a single meal plan yet.) We seem to fly by the seat of our pants every day and as a result there’s been quite a bit more cheating this time around.

Second, I think the workouts themselves have been awesome. Not sure if that’s because I’m in better condition now than a year ago or not, but I suspect that’s a big part of it. Though I’ve torn my hands repeatedly over the last few weeks (and still need to invest in a new pair of gloves), I have enjoyed them even if I haven’t always kicked butt at them. The challenge is just that – a challenge. And I feel more physically able to take on those challenges skills- and strength-wise this time around.

I’m not sure I’ll do the challenge again, just from a logistical standpoint. But I do appreciate the chance to adjust my diet for the better even if I’ve been inconsistent.

Has anybody else been struggling this year vs. last? Or are you doing better this year?


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