Lurong Challenge 2014, Week 2

I’m guessing you’re wondering where I talked about week 1, and I actually skipped it. You really don’t want to hear me moan and groan about the things we dropped from the diet again. 🙂 That said, I did want to talk about a couple of things I’ve noticed.

lurong-challenge-logoThis is the third reboot of the “paleo lifestyle” in the last couple of years. We’ve done a few things, from the Whole30 challenge to the Lurong Challenge and each has served as a bit of a “reset”. Each time we do this, it seems to get a little easier to shift away from the bad habits that creep in over time.

My biggest bad habit was a major coffee addiction. I can’t drink coffee without creamer, so really it was about the creamer more than the coffee itself – but it’s all tied together. It’s funny how I was never a coffee drinker until dropping soda from my diet. As a result, I started drinking a few cups a day. Right before we started the challenge I was up to two POTS of coffee a day, which was ridiculous.

no-coffeeWithout coffee over the last week, I’ve actually not been too bad. I drink a lot of iced tea now, which is my fall-back (unsweetened, but various flavors and always a mix of caffeinated and decaf tea bags). So it’s less really about the caffeine and more about the constantly drinking something with a bit of taste to it. Water gets old after a while. Unfortunately, we’re going through a gallon of iced tea a day as a family (my eldest is just as bad as I am). So I’m not sure we’re turning the corner on the caffeine addiction… but it’s a process.

Back to my point though… Last week I felt great even though I was doing a bit of detoxing. Body was sore after workouts (crossfit WODs Tues, Weds, Thurs, and Fri, plus yoga on Monday) but not overly so. And other than being really tired in the afternoons (more a matter of balancing out some things diet-wise) I physically felt stronger and had more in the tank for each workout than I expected.

We cheated on Sunday for a friend’s birthday and went to P.F. Chang’s for lunch. Had all the usual suspects – Chiang’s Spicy Chicken, some crab & cheese-stuffed wontons with plum sauce, a little egg drop soup, and we split a piece of blueberry cheesecake three ways. That was Sunday. Today, I’m not feeling quite as “energetic” – go figure. So the diet does make a big difference in my performance and overall feel.

That said, I’m still going to cheat once a week. It’s a given. 🙂 It’s a reward for being “good” and it’s just one meal, so the transgression passes pretty quickly body-wise usually. 🙂

The second thing I’ve noticed is that even though this is a competition in some sense, it’s not the Crossfit Games-level of competition. It’s just a WOD. And I am so much happier for that little fact.

crossfit-logoUltimately I am only competing against one thing… myself. And I’ve come a long way in my almost 2 years of crossfit. I’m stronger, faster, and generally I think a more well-rounded person with the physical activity I get at the box every week. It offers that social outlet and at the same time provides a much needed escape from the desk (and my brain), letting my body get out and play for a while.

But when I did the Crossfit Games workouts (especially the last one), the stress of the “competition” aspect really got to me. I was comparing myself against everybody else, when what I needed to do was focus on the only thing that mattered – doing my best and fighting through the workout. DNF really irks me. But when I climbed into that weird space in my head where I was never good enough or fast enough and focused on negatives (I suck. I can’t finish. I shouldn’t even try.) I was lost before I started.

The clock and the crap going on around me shouldn’t matter. It’s JUST A WORKOUT. And so far I’m keeping that mindset as we work through the Lurong Challenge this year. I may get a little cranky in a few weeks when we redo the first three workouts to see if we’ve improved. But I need to forget about previous weeks and just stay in the moment.

(Note to self – start working on meditating.)

It’s very funny how little things like diet and mindset make a big difference. 🙂

So how am I doing so far in the Lurong Challenge 2014? Not too bad. I gained about 30 pounds between my lowest point in the challenge last time (197#) and where I was when I started (207#) and am already down 6 pounds in a week (down to 201#).

Workout 1 — got to 124 reps on level II. Half of that was my row for calories – ended up with 65 calories. 17 pull-ups. 25 back squats. And 17 push presses.

Workout 2 — got to 66 reps on level II. Made it through the 65#, 75#, and 95# snatches and almost got one 135# done for round 4, but ran out of time. Takes me a while to flip weights and we were adjusting weights between each round.

We’ll see how workout #3 goes in a couple of days. I am just happy to have snuck in workout 2 on a Monday (usually a challenge).

So if you’re doing the Lurong Challenge – how are you doing so far? Are you having more issues with the stricter diet or the workouts? Curious minds want to know!


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