Wow it’s been a while…

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve been back. But as we ramp up for the Lurong Living Paleo Challenge, which starts mid-September, I know there’s going to be plenty to talk about. 

In the meantime, I’m happy to report that a) I’m still crossfitting and b) I’m still doing yoga once a week whenever possible. However, my diet did take a nose dive after the Crossfit Games. I kind of decided on my birthday that I was going to enjoy myself and have been enjoying myself for the last few months. Definitely time to buckle down, reset a bit, and see what we can do for the Challenge. 

Bread and cheese are two of my mightiest enemies these days. Both taste SO GOOD! But eventually I’ll be going cold turkey… again. 

As of this post, my weight is about 217. At my skinniest I got down to 199 for a day during last year’s Lurong Challenge. At my heaviest I’ve been up to 221 I think at one point (though nowhere near the 260+ I was at two years ago). My goal is to get down below 210 and stay there. Maybe even down to 200, but we’ll go one step at a time.

As far as skills go, I’m feeling much more confident these days. My form still sucks and I need to work on that, but I’ve figured out how to do handstand push-ups inconsistently, pull-ups consistently, and even strict pull-ups. I even managed to break through my fear of long rows, completing a couple of 1,000m rows and more over the last 6 months or so.

I have not figured out double-unders but am doubling down on those with the purchase of some speed rope trainers to try and get my left hand in gear. It’s almost as though the left side of my body belongs to someone else sometimes. Singles I can do, but doubles are going to require a lot more work. 

So this Lurong challenge will be intriguing. I suspect I’m in much better shape than I was the last time. But we’ll see if that corresponds with better performance. 

Thanks for reading!

Anybody else joining the Lurong Challenge this year? What are your worries and hopes? 


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