Strange Injuries and DNFs

So yesterday I went to a WOD at Crossfit Continuum and discovered two things…

  1. My right elbow is cranky.
  2. My left shoulder didn’t want me to push a bar straight overhead.

shovelling_plainThis led to a DNF, which didn’t make me happy – but I didn’t want to continue to aggravate whatever it was that was causing issues.

I couldn’t figure out why all of a sudden basic movements were causing me grief. From a simple overhead strict shoulder press at the top of a thruster to doing ring dips on a box or even push-ups. Lowering weight didn’t make a difference. It was the range of motion causing issues. And even after doing some mobility work afterwards, I was still stumped.

This morning I figured out a possible cause to my difficulties.

Here in Colorado we’ve had a number of waves of snow in the last couple of weeks. That has led to my shoveling the walks fairly frequently. And this morning as I was shoveling, I realized that shoveling (or using a push broom) to clear the walks was likely the culprit for my cranky arms and elbows. I tend to use my right arm more than my left while shoveling, which is probably the cause.

Can anybody recommend a good snow shovel that avoids stressing elbows? I’ve seen various styles and am curious what folks have used to avoid any unavoidable strain. (Beyond buying a snow blower. 🙂 )

I know this isn’t really a crossfit-related question, but it’s a “real life intruding on crossfit question” so I’d like to figure it out. 🙂

Thanks in advance.


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