Lacking Endurance – Paleo Diet Fixes?

Ok, so today I got my butt kicked by yet another crossfit workout at Crossfit Continuum.  Took me nearly 45 minutes to get through this thing. And while it wasn’t as bad a disparity as yesterday’s workout (other folks completing in half my time), I still felt like I was sucking wind.

Front-squatLargely it was a single movement in the mix that killed me – the front squats. The rest of the movements – the singles (I still can’t do double-unders), the light deadlifts, and even the handstand push-ups (which devolved quickly into just kicking up on the wall as my shoulders got more and more fried.) As a result, I’m not sure if this was endurance or just not having the form right.

Either way, whether it was form or just endurance, I need to work on my endurance. I’m wondering if some of it is the lack of enough carbs in my diet.

Though we’ve been eating largely a paleo diet over the last year or so, I tend towards more protein, less carbs, because I get tired of eating salads after a while. I do eat a fair amount of fruit, but I suspect those calories are burned right away.

A friend of ours suggested eating a sweet potato after a workout to get more of the carbs into the system to keep fuel going through the rest of the day, so I’m going to add that to my lunch today and see if that helps. But I’m curious what else I can do diet-wise (and training wise) to help with this problem.

It’s not that I don’t mind being DFL, but I want to improve on my times and get stronger and faster instead of dragging nearly every workout…

Anybody have any suggestions?


One thought on “Lacking Endurance – Paleo Diet Fixes?”

  1. It was suggested that I eat something like a sweet potato for lunch or after a workout to give me more of a sugar/energy boost to keep me going. That worked great! Plus it tasted great with a cup or so of spaghetti sauce over the top or mixed in.

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